Intellectual Outputs

IO1: The Digital Classroom

The current version of the MathCtiyMap Mobile Application (see “mathcitymap” in Google Play Store or Apple Store) and the Webportal ( will be extended. Through the functions of the so called Digital Classroom (e.g. chat, tracking, e-portfolio), it should be further improved and should be made more attractive for teachers to be used as a regular tool in mathematics education.

IO2: Task Formats

The current MCM version allows one-step tasks and different solution formats: interval, exact solution, multiple choice. Within this output, the formats should be extended on both components through subtasks and the implementation of new solution formats (e.g. through sending pictures).

IO3: Augmented Elements

This output will investigate the possibility to advance MathCityMap with elements of Augmented Reality. It will enable the enrichment of real world objects with supporting data which is otherwise too difficult or impossible to obtain in the course of regular school classes.

IO4 and IO5: Theme-based Trails for Algebra/Numbers/Calculus and Geometry

A strong and European idea are the theme-based trails for Algebra/Calculus and Geometry/Probability as results for Outputs 4 and 5. The basis are so called generic tasks. A generic tasks is a mathematical tasks which can easily transferred to frequently occuring objects, by example to calculate the slope of a ramp or a handrail of a stairway, which can be found everywhere in Europe in different styles. Already now, many different generic tasks exist in the MathCityMap portal and can be used to create new tasks in some minutes by means of the task wizard which provides text elements and solution calculations. Now, the idea will be brought to a new level that allows the regular implementation of math trails in the curricula. In O4 and O5, the national curricula for mathematics education will be analyzed in terms of possible math trail topics (e.g. intercept theorems, combinatorics) for each grade and age. Afterwards, the topics will be transferred in a theme-based trail with focus on objects that can easily be found e.g. at school yards.

IO6: MOOC for teacher training

Output 6 will result in an open and freely accessible Massive Online Open Course to educate a wide range of teachers to use MathCityMap and its new tools in their teaching. It addresses teachers of the participating countries, whereby a great potential to reach teachers from other European countries is seen.

IO7: Short Term Curriculum

Output 7 will result in different modules of teacher training courses and a guideline for educators. Theshort-term is then conducted in all participating partner universities.