• Enrollment from Monday, 15th February
  • MOOC starts on 8th March and ends 30th May 2021

MathCityMap is a two component system. The first component is a webportal ( which served as a open access database for authentic math problems in the environment. The other component, the MCM-App, shows on a map where in the environment the problems are hidden. Additional it provides hints, feedback and a sample solution. To solve such an authentic MCM problem you need mathematical modelling competencies.

The aim of the MOOC is to make the participants aware and autonomous of the potential of the MCM system, so be able to design own Math Trail Tasks and use them with their students. This is a concrete proposal for online training aimed at updating and improving one’s teaching practices. Sharing and the development of an online community is a very important aspect of the MOOC because collaborative learning models are more fruitful, not only for the students. The final aim is to create one’s own math trail, starting from the math tasks that will be designed during the MOOC weeks. All of this will be possible thanks to the use of the resources made available by the MOOC and the support of the instructors, in order to improve practices and renew teaching and make it functional to the new needs of 21st-century students.